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Lorraine - Product Group Manager - Cereal Partners UK

I think the CP team are, they're actually great fun to work with actually, that's probably why I've stayed there so long. It's a very flat organisation, everyone is down to earth and passionate, quite energetic, I think we are all very very motivated, a little bit competitive possibly but in a good way and as I said very friendly. Read more

Working at Nestlé

Joining Nestlé means joining a global business and benefiting from a global outlook which has been handed down from generation to generation since our founding in Switzerland in the nineteenth century.

But what will this mean for you?

Well, first and foremost, it will mean “thinking globally, acting locally”. That’s our phrase for how we combine a global business culture with a sustainable commitment to local business knowledge. As with so many other things, it dates all the way back to our founding, when we were one of the first businesses to create factories at the point of origin of our materials, enabling local specialists to call on their knowledge in order to get the best price and the best quality. Today, it means you’ll be joining a business which combines the freedom to implement locally relevant plans with the opportunity to call on the global expertise and wider support structure of the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company.

We also have a real commitment to internal mobility, inspired by a deep understanding of our own complexity as a business. We believe a business this complex can only grow if its people understand and reflect that diversity. So, we’ll make sure that you are always given the freedom to move around. That might be within your own job or business area – or it might equally be moving laterally across from, say, Purina PRO PLAN to Perrier.

The other great advantage of our global outlook is the effect it’s had on the atmosphere we work in. We believe in collaboration and mutual respect, and this has resulted in us creating a culture of brilliant people pulling together to create brilliant teams.

It is, in short, the perfect environment in which to create success for yourself and for the future. 

Did you know?

20% of our workforce participated in the Global Corporate Challenge, a 125-day worldwide walking event.


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