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Water. It's the source of all life. And here at Nestlé Waters we're committed to bottling the very best waters fresh from the source and straight to our customers via the most advanced and sustainable techniques currently employed.

Nestlé Waters UK is proud to be part of Nestlé's global water business - the No. 1 bottled water company in the world. Nearly 90% of the water sold by Nestlé Waters is produced and consumed locally.

In the UK, that means Buxton, a water sourced from the stunning landscape of the Peak District which has been popular with everyone since the Romans due to the unparalleled purity and mineral retention resulting from a 5000 year process of filtration through ancient limestone. Buxton water thus arrives at the surface untouched by man or machine, where it's bottled in one of the most modern bottling plants in the world in order to ensure that every drop is as pure as nature intended.

In this way Buxton mineral water fulfils our ambition of 'making healthy hydration an everyday choice for all.' But that's not the only refreshing thing about Nestlé Waters. As part of our commitment to Creating Shared Value and long-term sustainability, we work constantly to find new and better ways of meeting the needs of our consumers, our customers and the communities in which we operate. These include a range of sustainable production processes which have led to us being named Best In Class within the beverage industry for environmental responsibility.

But Buxton isn't the only thing we do. We also provide the UK with bottled natural water for every need, every occasion and every one. On the one hand there's our local brands Buxton and Nestlé Pure Life, with the latter providing pure hydration for all the family.

Then there's the famous international waters that we distribute. These include Vittel, which has been sourced from the stunning gorges of the Vosges peaks since 1854; S. Pellegrino, named after the famous Italian spa town which has been attracting visitors since the 1700s, arguably one of the world's finest table waters awarded SUPERBRAND "Cool Brand" status in 2008/9 for the second year in a row; and, of course, the iconic Perrier, naturally carbonated and voted one of Britain's top 50 brands of all time.

...But what will all this water mean for your career?

Well, it's going to mean getting involved in all aspects of the business. Nestlé Waters is a lean business where everyone contributes to the business results. We also offer real responsibility and accountability early, whatever your discipline. Whether you're looking to develop your career in supply chain, commercial, marketing, finance or production, Nestlé Waters is the most refreshing option around.

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Did you know?

Nestlé Waters is the number one bottled water company in the world, with the number one brand (Nestlé Pure Life) and utilises only 0.0009% of the world's fresh water resources.


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