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Innovation Partnership Manager - Product Technology Centre

Walter Sommerville


The Product Technology Centre is a global confectionery research and development establishment, so we have a global remit for developing products, processes and packaging for all of our operating companies worldwide.

It's true there are thousands upon thousands of products out there, but there's always another way, there's always another combination, there's always a new texture, there's always a new flavour, there's always a new colour. The consumer is always looking for something that they want that's different, that's innovative, that's exciting, that's going to make them want to go back for more, and we have the science and the technology and the people and the processes and the ingredients and all of the knowhow to make that happen.

The great thing about working at the PTC is that we're surrounded by colleagues who have come from various walks of life, various backgrounds, various cultures, it's such a rich melting pot of expertise and just having a different point of view from someone from another country can really make the difference to how you proceed then, or development or work on a project or even talk with the outside world, because I'm talking with people also from many different countries and many different organisations.

I think being a Nestlé person is about being true to yourself, it's about being honest and open and it's about respecting the other person's view and being ready to be challenged and accept that there's always another way. Why would anyone come to work at the PTC? I think you work with great people, you work with very enthusiastic minds, always keen to learn more, always ready to try the next thing and really, the best part of all is to be part of a rich multinational likeminded community, just as we have in PTC, York today.

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