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Finance & Business Operations Manager - Nestlé UK



Each business you work in within Nestlé does have its own culture. However, as an overall business you can move between areas and have a common feel to it. It certainly has always felt an easy going, a pleasant place to work.

Over the last couple of years this Nestlé in the Market ideal has become more and more important, but increasingly a lot of the functional meetings, we have a finance leadership team meeting which is Nestlé in the Market, so the heads of Purina, the head of Waters, as well as Confectionery, Nutrition and Beverage, all get together every couple of months to understand how the business is operating, not just from your own functional silos, or on your own business silos, but as a wider market. The nutrition products aren't as well known as some of the confectionery, the Kit Kat and your Nescafé brands but even though we're a small business, we recognise that we're an important part of the business.

It's a small team, there's probably about 20 people in that team, with people from scientific affairs, from marketing, from sales, finance, supply chain. We know each other quite well, we bounce ideas off each other. We interact very well, the management meetings are always quite lively and it's almost, they always overrun because there's a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. It's a small business that's growing, it's not a challenge of, what can we do the same as last year or how can we recapture that, it's what can we do differently, how can we capture market share, how can we make our business grow because we want to strengthen that nutrition, health and wellness credibility of Nestlé.

I think you can recognise a good Nestlé person. From a finance point of view, when I've done interviews for new recruits, you can see a little sparkle in their eyes, they like the fact that numbers balance, that's got to be core to the role. But as a general person at Nestlé, I think people who are committed and people who seem passionate about it, it's not just another job for them, it's they want to work for a big company like Nestlé, it's a global company with global opportunities. You want to work for that company and it's not just a pay cheque at the end of the month.

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