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HR Business Partner - Purina (UK & Ireland)

Marina Kilcline


Well, the business I work for, Purina, obviously a pet care company, and pets are very much part of the business so we have pets inside the office and that type of thing which makes it a really nice environment and people, you can take a dog for a walk if you're feeling a bit like you need a break, so that's really good.

Nestlé has everything from water through pet food through the more recognisable coffee and chocolate, and each of those businesses have different flavours within them. In terms of being an employee, you become very brand loyal to your part of Nestlé but it's really good experience to move from one to the other, and certainly, I moved from Waters to Purina very easily and actually the culture is very similar between the two.

Particularly within Purina, the product is everything and if you talk to the people who work in our vet channel, they are very, very passionate about our brands. We see, particularly in Purina, that we're making headway in gaining market share all the time. I think we have a pet care line that is a different way of approaching our consumers because this is about a holistic treatment of pets and the way we look after them and people can phone in with behavioural issues with their cat or their dog and we've got people here who are qualified to answer that type of question. So, and that sort of passion goes right from the product through to the people who work there through to the service that we provide for the consumer.

I've worked in Nestlé for five years now and every year has been completely different, even though I've only moved companies twice and it's such an evolving company all the time that it's, it really is quite a fun and challenging place to work because it's always changing.

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