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Product Group Manager - Cereal Partners UK

Lorraine Allen


I joined Cereal Partners in 2001 as a Customer Marketing Manager working in the commercial department. Worked on various accounts, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Safeway, Waitrose, and mainly it was just bringing what the marketing team were doing, to life in store. Following that, I was about three years in commercial and then I felt I really wanted to go back to more pure marketing.

The current job I do, I mainly look after the health nutrition advertising, that's mainly our wholegrain advertising, it's quite a big campaign. That's one area, and then the other area's in adult taste brand which is oats and more, which is very, very different. It was launched in 2007, it's gone from strength to strength, it's got really good repeat rates in the market and it's a really fun brand to work on.

Obviously I look after wholegrain and I think parents are looking to feed their families in the best way they can, giving them healthy foods. For us, we've invested in wholegrain across all our brands, so we also talk to parents about the benefits of wholegrain. So I think when mums and dads go down the cereal aisle they're basically, the green banner for them, is the shortcut to health.

The other things would be, I think we invest really well in our brands, we have some great marketing campaigns across the brands. As well as that too, I think we're quite innovative in how we target our consumers through our media and we're willing to try new things with media so I think generally, we're an innovative company and it shows I think, across our marketing.

I think the biggest surprise for me was, I came from a very small organisation, because I worked in Ireland and by its nature, is much smaller, and moving to a large company like Nestlé, it was quite daunting, and it didn't actually turn out to be that way. Primarily because of the people, primarily because it just feels small because it is, it is a close organisation and I think everyone works very closely together. I think the CP team are, they're actually great fun to work with actually, that's probably why I've stayed there so long. They, it's a very flat organisation, everyone's very down to earth, quite passionate and quite energetic, I think we're all very, very motivated, little bit competitive possibly, but in a good way and it's, as I said, just very friendly.

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