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Brand Manager - Nestlé Waters



I joined, so more or less three years ago as an Assistant Brand Manager in Buxton. At the time, the brand was not the main focus amongst a portfolio of Nestlé Waters, but then with the local trends and consumer being more interested in where a product comes from, Buxton had a lovely opportunity to seize really because it's sourced right at the heart of England. There is a lovely story behind the water, so obviously it comes from the Peak District, it rises naturally to the surface, you don't need to pump or you don't need to drill, it's really a little gift nature gives us, and we also have some fantastic initiatives when it comes to environment with Buxton. So we've been able to reduce the amount of plastic, we've been able to reduce the amount of water we use.

People may think it's only water but the brand Buxton is a lovely one to work on. The team is very international which is great. You've got different views, loads of people very enthusiastic about things coming with their own background, so it make it very bubbly and very fun to work in Nestlé Waters. It's a small team, we know each other quite well and I think it's a team who really wants to win, there is definitely a passion to win in the company we work for. You need to love advertising, you need to love products, you need to be curious and want to try new things, and then I think you need to be hard working, let's be honest about that, and result focused. Like I'm very proud of being part of Nestlé, the first food company in the world, you work on fantastic brands, you've got the opportunity to make a difference, but you work on brands that been around for a long time, being trusted, so you're really proud of being given the chance to carry on marketing these brands.

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