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Shayne, Marketing Manager, Nestlé Professional

My job is as Marketing Manager within Nestlé Professional, the Food Services unit within Nestlé UK. I have an economics and marketing degree from the University of Natal, South Africa and I have been working in Sales and Marketing for the past fourteen years. I have worked for three major multinationals, and each have had their own specific points of difference, albeit that the working structures and 'pace' seem broadly aligned.

However, since joining Nestlé Professional as a Brand Manager, and then being promoted to Marketing Manager, the drive towards being more externally-oriented and to create partnerships and allegiances with key customers and industry-influencing organisations has been a truly uplifting challenge. For anyone considering the B2B sector, the opportunity to get first-hand business-to-business experience is invigorating and highly recommended.

Another feature of working within Nestlé is the dynamic between the functions of Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing & Technical, Finance, Supply Chain, Consumer Insight and Human Resources. Being part of a cross-functional team and delivering projects to tight deadlines gives you a real sense of teamwork and tests your ability to lead teams and handle pressure. It is a significant learning experience for anyone interested and motivated by understanding the dynamics and levers of a successful operating business.

To top it all off, managing the world's most loved brands like Nescafé and Kit Kat and striving every day to lead the agenda in an ever-changing competitive environment - really does make for challenging and rewarding day-to-day experiences.

Lastly, Nestlé has focused heavily on the benefits of team performance and employee happiness as part of the Nestlé culture. Sponsored courses have worked their way into the fabric of what it is to be a leader in Nestlé. At the end of the day, people invest more time and effort into a company that respects their needs to be led in a productive, motivating and sustainable way.







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