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Nathan, HR Intranet and E-Learning Development Manager, Nestlé UK

Ever since I was a young boy I've always been interested in computer technology. I wrote my first computer code at the age of 9 on a Commadore 16! I love finding out how things work and marvel at the simplistic nature of some of the best designed tools (such as a Yale lock!).

I finished my education after I completed a BTEC Higher National Diploma in IT Applications. I knew that I was interested in Information Technology but I didn't want to spend three years writing computer code and looking at computer fundamentals (at that time the only IT based degree was Computer Science).

I joined Nestlé in 1997 which now, looking back, was quite an exciting period of time. Not just within the organisation but across the whole world as it was at this time that IT was really coming into its own. My first roles were naturally in IT. One of my early involvements was in upgrading the operating systems on all the PCs in the business. It really gave me an understanding of the scale of the organisation, how many locations Nestlé were operational in and how many people worked for the company!

I then cemented my being part of the 'IT Crowd' by joining the IT Helpdesk. I loved it! As well as the 'forgotten password' calls, there were interesting projects to be part of - from building the front-end to a European Problem Management system to testing a global problem management system. I then moved into the role of Nestlé UK's Intranet Co-ordinator and took over the overall support of the intranet and training for the departmental authors. Without a doubt this was the spark that ignited my interest for all things web and launched my career to the place that I find myself now.

Later I switched to HR, with a focus on eLearning. I was tasked with the support of eLearning and maintaining and developing the Learning & Development intranet site. As I developed in the role I eventually became a competent eLearning developer and am now creating and supporting a network of rapid eLearning authors around the organisation.

The more I've developed the more I've been involved in projects and pieces of work at various levels, from supporting development for factories at a local level to developing best practices that can be used globally by eLearning authors. In fact, we're currently piloting a system that has the potential to be used by every single Nestlé employee worldwide. I think that's a testament to how the organisation is structured and the culture that exists.

Most of the work that I'm involved in is new to Nestlé and to me, so I constantly have to learn or figure something out each day. There's quite a bit of complexity and 'unknown elements' in my role that add quite a bit of interest! Above all though, it's great to know that you can add value to a business by doing something that you're passionate about: it's a win-win situation to be in.



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