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Kate, Marketing Controller, Food

I started working at Nestlé just over 10 years ago on the graduate scheme, and am currently Marketing Controller for Food. On the way I've worked in Nestlé Professional as a Channel Manager, in the Beverage Division as Innovation Manager for NESCAFE and as Senior Brand Manager for NESQUIK.

In my current role I am responsible for developing the strategy for the food business and then working with the team to ensure we execute that strategy flawlessly to achieve all our business targets.

While that might sound fairly straightforward, the one thing that I have learnt in my time in Brand Management is to expect the unexpected and then manage the impact of that change on your business plans! While planning meticulously is a key requisite, being able to adapt and change your plans at the last minute is also a required skill.

In brand management, Consumer Insight must be at the heart of everything that we do, so understanding everything about them and what makes them tick is a key part of the role and a part of the job that I hugely enjoy. However it doesn't stop there. To ensure successful products and propositions, we must also understand the needs of our shoppers and customers to ensure our products and propositions work for everyone.

Working collaboratively is therefore a key asset as brand managers spend a great deal of time working as part of a much broader, cross functional team. And, of course, all this has to be done within financial parameters. Brand managers have P & L responsibility too, so ultimately they have to make the decisions that impact on their brand's financial performance.

The thing that appealed to me most about brand management at the time when I was applying for jobs was the variety and the responsibility! And that's still true today. It is certainly very satisfying to see your business being driven forward by a product that you have developed and launched or a communications campaign that has been delivered through the path to purchase and which is even now making people think differently about your brand.

A career at Nestlé offers you the opportunity to work on some fantastic, global brands and great scope to work on different parts of the business with exposure to many different commercial challenges.






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