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Jenny, Head of Customer Marketing, Waters

I joined Nestlé Waters as a Business Manager at the end of 2001. I love the health and wellness credentials of the Category - there is nothing purer than Natural Mineral Water, and the Buxton brand is an absolute gem!

In 2001 Nestlé Waters UK, although part of the larger global organisation was a small entrepreneurial team with a big challenge - to restore our brands' presence in Grocery.

In the first three years we did just that and quadrupled our Grocery sales value. However, after three years I was ready for a change and Nestlé Waters was flexible enough to offer me a Senior Brand Manager role on their flagship brand, Buxton. My brief was to change the bottle shape (to modernise it for a new production line) while updating the packaging and developing a new communication platform for an above the line campaign - a complete change from sales!

This role had me working more closely with the factory but also with our Zone and Global HQ in Paris. Once all this was accomplished, my exposure there during this time led to my next move - to Paris as International Marketing Manager for the Zone. Once again, Nestlé Waters had managed to provide me with a new challenge and it was very exciting getting to meet all the markets of the Zone and learn about their differences and similarities in order to be in a good position to co-ordinate innovation opportunities at Zone level, sharing relevant learnings and generally working with them on optimising commercial strategy, brand performance and the product portfolio.

After two years at Head Office, Nestlé Waters UK asked to have me back - as Head of the Customer Marketing Organisation (known as CCSD in other parts of Nestlé), a role I have been in since November 08.

I love the day-to-day variety of my role. I manage a team of 8 who have a whole range of responsibilities from Channel and Category Management to Trade Marketing to Sales Operations to Data Analysis - and giving them all the time and focus they need is tough when I am also the UK interface with our French and Italian Business Units. We are currently working with TNS on a consumer and shopper segmentation analysis in order to update and upweight our Category Strategy, as well as working on pricing and promotion evaluation projects.

In a nutshell, I see us as the engine room of the Commercial Team. Sometimes that means the pressure is really on, but whatever's happening, it's always a fun place to be.




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