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Gill, Operations Manager, Nestlé Logistics

When I joined Nestlé Logistics in 1988 I could not imagine working for the same company for over 20 years. However, I have found that the variety of roles I have had have constantly challenged, stimulated and stretched me - which has made the last 20 years incredibly fulfilling.

After two years as a Logistic Graduate Trainee I spent 6 months in Sales and was then appointed Operations Manager for a new warehouse we were due to open. Being involved in setting up a new warehouse and then managing the day-to-day operation was fascinating and very challenging at such an early point in my career.

I moved on from Warehouse Operations into a Logistics project role for a few years before moving across into Customer Services to broaden my knowledge and experience. I spent three years managing a team of CS execs who looked after the major supermarkets, and in my last two years in Customer Service I managed a major change programme within the organisation to integrate our ordering processes and customer service functions. I then returned to Logistics to be site manager for 4 years for the York Distribution Centre with a team of over 100, a job I believe I was much better equipped to handle because of my experiences outside of Logistics and my broadened business knowledge.

As I write this I have just begun a new role to establish a long-term relationship and contracts with a new third party contractor who has recently taken over two of our warehouse operations. It's a whole new dimension to my work and another new challenge to get my teeth into and I'm very excited about it - and I think that still being excited about your job after twenty years is real testament to what Nestlé has to offer.









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