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Roel, Engineer, PTC

In my family we normally strive to become lawyers, doctors or engineers. As I've always had a passion to discover how things work, how they fit together and how they can be modified and improved, I became an engineer. In fact, as I've always loved building and creating new things, I realised my passion was in the area of process development.

After finishing my Masters, I briefly went to the USA where I worked at NASA on a group project. As you can imagine this was a great experience. From an engineering point of view, it doesn't get much bigger than this. I learnt so much and managed to pick up so many different insights into engineering, particularly how to look at problems from different angles and deliver solutions with different approaches. It's strange to think how technology that's designed to work in the space shuttle miles above us can be applied in chocolate manufacturing down here.

When I first began looking for a job, I made a list of a range of engineering companies I wanted to apply to. My choices incorporated some typically engineering organisations like Land Rover, some semi-engineering based businesses such as 3M and, finally something completely different that I was unfamiliar with - Nestlé. Although it was my wild card, Nestlé soon became my first choice. When I left the interview I felt excited, comfortable and at home. It sounds cheesy, but I knew that Nestlé was the place for me.

I also learnt a lot more about the company and how it works. I realised that here my expertise would be tested every day and not just every so often. I knew I'd be taking on technical challenges, instead of being stuck on some conveyor belt set-up where I was carrying out the same, mundane function each day. I chose Nestlé because I didn't want a typical engineering role - I wanted something different.

When people see a Nestlé product they see a single chocolate bar, but there's actually some incredible equipment and extensive processes behind it. For example, wrapping the chocolate alone is carried out at a phenomenal rate - sometimes up to 1,200 pieces per minute. It's an incredibly high tech process.

It's also great when you can see the fruits of your labours, in the shape of all those products you've made, on shelves up and down the country - even the world. This makes you feel proud. I get a real satisfied feeling of 'I made that happen'. Importantly, the PTC recognises your achievements and always gives credit where it's due.

As an engineer, you could go into automotive or aviation industry, but if you want something that's innovative as well as creative - where you have the freedom to see your own ideas come to life - then Nestlé is the company to join. Together we set the standard of technology in confectionery manufacturing and implement breakthroughs recognised by the whole industry.

York itself is beautiful. It's got a lively nightlife and a blend of cosmopolitan vibrancy and rural charm. It has a great historical heritage, nice bars and restaurants and great shops. With the help of Nestlé I have settled in here. I love the town, the PTC, its people and the environment I work in.

What's more, working here is fun. At the end of the day, after pay and everything else, you want a job you can love. And you'll have that here, in addition to international career opportunities.

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