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Strong manufacturing capability across all our business areas is at the heart of Nestlé's success. Without it, we simply couldn't meet the high expectations of our consumers and customers, our shareholders or ourselves.

Fortunately, thanks to the multidisciplinary strengths of our teams in Innovation & Renovation, Engineering, Safety, Health & Environment, Operations Excellence, Regulatory and Quality, we're prepared for any challenge. By joining us, you will be too.

In fact, a Nestlé manufacturing career has the power to lead you in directions you've never imagined.

As a member of the Innovation & Renovation team, you could learn all about product and manufacturing feasibility, consumer research and product development. Then you could use that knowledge to transform brilliant marketing concepts into products fit for the shelf.

As a member of the Engineering team, you are responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the vast array of equipment and processes that go into producing our world renowned brands. This could mean anything from the installation and commissioning of new equipment through to the optimisation of line performance and compliance with engineering standards.

As part of our Safety, Health & Environment team, whether in the factories, offices or at a Group level, you'll provide expert support and advice to help ensure that we remain compliant with our legal and regulatory SHE requirements. In addition, your role will be pivotal in driving forwards our strategy of influencing behaviours and engaging everybody's hearts and minds so that we can achieve all our commercial goals.

As part of the Operations Excellence team, you'll focus all your energies on improvement. That will mean making our factories as cost-effective and productive as possible across sites throughout the UK and abroad. If you're all about excellence, then look no further.

If you join our Regulatory team, on the other hand, you'll be responsible for ensuring recipe and label compliance and managing any required changes to working practices as well as representing Industry in discussions with Government on developing food legislation. As such, it's perfect for scientists and technologists with a real eye for detail.

What's more, the team that you join really is only the beginning of your Nestlé career, thanks to the many opportunities we've got for moving cross-functionally into different areas.

For example, you could join us in the Operations Excellence team, gain project management skills and then move into a Shift Manager role to gain people management experience. Or you might join us as a Quality Specialist and then move out of the laboratory and into a factory environment. Or, of course, you could stay right where you are and progress vertically, thanks to our incomparable learning and development offering. If you prove yourself as a manager of tomorrow, you could even take your career overseas.

The fact is, if you're ambitious and thrive in a fast-paced environment, you can go wherever you want with one of our Production and Technical careers.

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Did you know?

Carbon-neutral spent coffee grounds supply over 20% of the energy needs at our Tutbury and Hayes factories.


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