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When we describe our Supply Chain as the heart of our entire business, we mean it. Indeed, it's no exaggeration to say that the success of Nestlé relies on its ability to effectively manage a hugely complex operation.

So what makes our supply chain so special?

Well, for a start, we're the leading nutrition, health and wellness company in the world and possess one of the most sophisticated supply chains in the world - putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. As a result, every success (and, by definition, every failure) we experience is multiplied to the nth degree. And for the right type of person, that should be an exhilarating prospect.

Each element of the supply chain relies heavily on strong relationships with other areas, and that creates a community of like-minded people; a real team ethos where everyone goes out of their way to help each other deliver.

It's the passion, dedication and energy from our people that drives our winning culture. You'll quickly come to appreciate this diverse environment, regardless of which role you find yourself in.

Read through the following pages to find out more about the Nestlé Supply Chain and gaining the perfect supply chain career. Or visit our pages on Procurement, Consumer Services and Customer Services to find out more.


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Did you know?

Careful loading patterns have enabled us to increase average lorry loads by one tonne, eliminating tens of thousands of unproductive miles.


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