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Selection Events

What will a selection event consist of?

Once you have been invited for an interview, ask what to expect on the day so that you can prepare yourself. If you have been invited via an agency please ask them to find this information out on your behalf.      

Exercises can include psychometric tests, role plays, in–trays, presentations, group discussions, personality questionnaires and case studies. See below for more information:

Verbal tests

You will be asked to read a paragraph or section of text and to evaluate a number of statements, each time answering 'true', 'false' or 'cannot say'.      

We use these tests because they have been proven to be a reliable indicator of how people will perform in the future. Each candidate's results are compared to a group of people of a similar age and experience level. So it's not just about how many questions a person gets right but about how well they do compared to their peer group. Where possible we send out practice tests beforehand or encourage people to try the test online (at

Numerical tests

The most common numerical tests assess your ability to understand data presented in tables and graphs. These tests will highlight how well you work under pressure, while encouraging you to work quickly and accurately. Again, where possible, we send out practice tests beforehand or encourage people to try the test online (at In some instances, numerical and verbal testing may also be conducted on-line.

Role Plays

Within a Role Play scenario you will take on one role and the assessor the other to determine how you would deal with a job-related situation. 

Group Exercises

Group exercises are an excellent way of assessing whether you perform well in a team environment. They test your ability to be assertive and proactive without being domineering; to listen as well as contribute and to focus on the task in hand.


Presentation briefs can be given to you prior to the interview to prepare in advance, or the brief may be given to you prior to the interview to prepare in advance, or the brief may be given on the day depending on the nature of the task, and the competencies being assessed. The presentation will be made to one or more assessors who will look for evidence of clear communication skills, effective visuals and persuasive arguments.


These types of exercises are designed to test your ability to make decisions and prioritise workload under pressure of time. They typically consist of prioritising letters, memos, meeting arrangements, travel requirements etc., and then discussing your decisions with the interviewer. They're a particularly effective way of bringing a role to life.

Case Studies

Case studies present you with a business scenario, and will usually require an analysis and recommendations for a given situation. You may be asked to present your findings, decisions and recommendations in the form of a presentation, and skills measured often include data analysis, decision making and influencing. 

And that’s not all. To help you throughout the application process, we’ve also provided advice and guidance for preparing for an interview, selection events and how to do well in tests because we want to help you do your best on the day.

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