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The bubbles in Aero. The layer of mint in an After Eight. The crispiness of a Kit Kat. All of these things are great news for our consumers. But they're also great news for you, whether you're a nutritionist, a scientist or an engineer. That's because every one of these products - and thousands like them - are the result of ground-breaking scientific rigour, market insight and technical expertise. All of which we now invite you to bolster through your own unique skills.

Based at our Product Technology Centre in York, you'll join the various international teams which are together responsible for creating the new confectionery products and processes that will guarantee Nestlé's future success.

Depending on your specialism, this might mean researching and developing new process technologies or renovating existing products and technologies. Each product involves research, analysis, development and a huge amount of hard work and commitment. They comprise of quality ingredients as well as incredible amounts of passion from all who make them. We push limits, blend technical curiosity with professional expertise and work with confectionery at a molecular level. All in all, producing confectionery here involves a freedom that means your day doesn't follow routine, just the direction your work is taking you.

Creativity and Innovation is key, as you may find yourself working on the next new exciting confectionery item to dazzle the consumers and hit the supermarket shelf!

If you're more into the Engineering side of things, you'll find your home in our state-of-the-art Pilot Plant, where you'll help us design and test new machines for use in factories throughout the world. Alternatively, you might want to help us test and assess the nutritional content, quality and flavour of our latest world-beater.

If Packaging is your passion you'll find your niche in our Packaging Development Team, where our designers and engineers use their creative flair and market insight to create the packaging that will ensure our latest sensation flies off the shelves.

As with every other area of our business, the choice of where to focus your energy is down to you. As if that weren't enough, Nestlé Research and Development also features international travel as a key element of most roles. Sharing your expertise and working with other Research and Development sites and factories around the world, we will support you if you want to develop a global career.

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Did you know?

R & D and the local markets have together developed 45 different varieties of Kit Kat, including soy sauce, potato and grilled corn flavours.


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