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Every Nestlé factory is responsible for producing goods which meet the exceptional standards of food safety, hygiene and quality which are the hallmark of every Nestlé product. That's where the Nestlé quality team comes in.

We're the champions of quality across all Nestlé businesses in the UK. Our job is to ensure that the expectations of the consumer are always met by our production processes and to provide our colleagues in Production & Technical with the best practice Quality Assurance (QA) that will make this possible.

It calls for a massive range of skills, from people management to food science and problem-solving.

For you, this will mean a range of opportunities in one of the most dynamic and important teams in the Nestlé business.

As a Conformance Manager, you will act as the hands-on Quality Assurance expert on the factory floor, developing systems and people so that great products are made on a consistent basis. And, if the manufacturing process goes out of specification you'll be the one to go in there, identify the problem and make the call on how to get things back on track. Or, if a batch of product develops problems, you'll take responsibility for deciding the most suitable outcome. Then you'll undertake the root-cause analysis that will determine how it happened and how similar problems can be avoided in future.

As a Hygiene Manager, you will call on your knowledge of microbiology to deliver exceptional hygiene across all our plant machinery and manufacturing processes. This will include training operators in cleaning methods, designing new cleaning practices that target specific manufacturing processes and managing hygiene issues.

As a Quality Specialist, you will enjoy a broad remit and varied exposure as you develop your skills or specialise in a technical area. Touching on everything from supplier liaison to consumer feedback, you will analyse the issues and develop the solutions that enable our manufacturing teams to deliver great results in packaging, consumer satisfaction and the quality/cost-effectiveness of our ingredients.

If, on the other hand, you want an intense lab-based challenge, you can join us in our York-based Quality Assurance laboratory. Here you will either work as an Analytical Technician, conducting a range of analyses essential to maintaining nutritional compliance on Nestlé products from across the world, or as a Microbiological Technician, managing the process of analysing and feeding back on environmental and product samples from our UK factories. There are also opportunities to develop new methods and work with our UK factories and Research and Development partners worldwide.

Full training is available in all these roles, but ideally you'll have a relevant qualification and knowledge of science or engineering, laboratory work or analysis within food manufacturing. You should also possess strong people and influencing skills, as you could be responsible for coaching and training others in QA, or developing into a management role.

In return, you'll benefit from joining an international QA network in which moving from factory to factory within the UK (and potentially overseas) will play a vital role in your career and skills' development.

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