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Based in York, the Product Technology Centre (PTC) is part of a global network of Research Centres, with PTC York focusing purely on excellence in confectionery worldwide. Whether chocolate, confectionery or wafer-based treats, the PTC leads the way in how they're developed, processed and packaged. It's a place where creativity meets practicality, but where being pragmatic doesn't hinder ideas. If anything, it calls for more expertise and ingenuity to make fantastic initial concepts become exceptional industrialised ideas.

For example, when developing a chocolate bar, we tackle challenges that involve making sure it won't melt if sold in the tropics. This may not sound much, but it's rather tricky working out how something that's designed to melt in the mouth at 37 degrees Celsius or lower remains solid when environmental temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Other problems could involve reducing calories without affecting the taste of a product, or significantly cutting the levels of fat in a bar even though fat is what it needs to dissolve in the mouth. This is why science is such an integral part of everything we do here at the PTC.

Nestlé is the biggest food manufacturer in the world. That's a fact we're proud of, and one that we work extremely hard to maintain. Whether we're developing new prototypes here in York, analysing cocoa beans in Ecuador, implementing innovative processing machinery in China or advising on ingredient ratios over the phone to France - our expertise plays a vital role in confectionery production across the globe, and you can play a part in this.

Nestlé PTC epitomises the pinnacle of food science and the technology behind it: it's a goldmine for innovation. The Operators, Scientists, Experts, Engineers, Statisticians, Quality & Sensory Analysts, Packaging Designers and the rest of the team, all work together to make it happen. Our multicultural group of international professionals travel the world, put their theories into practice and bring ideas to life. They do a job that's different every day. They give us our personal yet professional approach. When it comes to the texture, flavour, sound, viscosity and quality of our products - they provide the science behind the sensations, and you could too.

Sharing your expertise and working with other R&D sites and factories around the world, we will support you if you want to develop a global career.

Welcome to Nestlé PTC.

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Our Designers, Technologists and Engineers are part of an award winning global packaging and design network.


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