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Marketing at Nestlé is not just about working with great brands. It's also about joining one of the largest FMCG Marketing teams in the UK and calling on their inimitable track record and resources to make success happen.

Quite simply, we want you to bring our brands to life. Many of them, such as Nescafé, Milky Bar or Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles, already hold a special place in the hearts of millions. With them, your challenge will be to make them as relevant for today's consumers as they've always been.

But when it comes to our other iconic brands, such as Munch Bunch Yoghurts, Shredded Wheat, Felix and our many Health and Wellness products, the challenge will be all that and more. We'll be asking you to find innovative ways of enhancing our equity across the entire spectrum of these richly diverse, high profile brands, in both B2B and B2C marketing strands.

You see, we're firm believers in the notion that it takes a great deal more than a funky logo, top quality and a great taste to create a superstar product or brand. It takes something a little bit harder to define. Call it passion, or vision.

If you've got it, and you can put it in the mix, we know the magic will happen. And, depending on whether you join us as a Channel Manager, a Brand Manager or a Marketing Executive, that magic will come in the form of anything from a great new campaign to a dazzling media strategy or a scintillating new product.

In return, we'll change the way you think about marketing through our comprehensive capability programme. This will support you in continuous improvement as your career develops with us, reflecting our deeply held belief in putting the same care and attention into our people as we put into our products.

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Alternatively, if you want to combine your marketing skills with strong sales skills and strategy, then visit our Customer Marketing pages.

Did you know?

Our founder, Henri Nestlé, had a keen understanding of branding and refused suggestions to replace the Nestlé logo with the Swiss cross.


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