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Nestlé Locations

Nestlé has sites throughout the UK, from our confectionery factory in York, our beverage factory in Dalston and our pet food factory in Wisbech, to our head offices in Croydon, Rickmansworth and Welwyn Garden City.

Our beverage factory in Dalston takes in approximately 200,000 litres of milk every day to produce some of the world's most popular products - including Nescafé Cappuccino, Nestlé Hot Chocolate and Coffee-Mate.

Our factories in Wisbech, Sudbury and Aintree produce some of the best known, best loved pet food brands in the UK and Ireland such as Bakers, Winalot and Bonio, Purina ONE, Felix and Go-Cat.

Our York site will soon be home to the new Nespresso Customer Relationship Centre, where we service the needs of our discerning espresso-loving customers who have bought a Nespresso coffee machine and become members of the exclusive Nespresso Club.

There's also our bottling plant for Buxton mineral water in the Derbyshire peaks, where we've pioneered efficient bottling processes to save on plastic and water.

Our other factory sites include Girvan, Castleford and Halifax.

For more information about where each Nestlé product is created, please visit our What's Made Where page Or for more specific information about our locations, you can visit our main Nestlé site.

Did you know?

Nestlé has 23 different sites located throughout the UK and Ireland.


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