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Good Food, Good Life

There's more awareness today than ever before that good food means good health and a good life. But it isn't news to us. We've been undertaking ground-breaking research into food and nutrition for the best part of 140 years. So, the idea that 'you are what you eat' is more than just an idea for us - it's an ideal, something we live and breathe and use to inspire us in every aspect of our working lives.

Our real ambition is to help our consumers make positive food choices that will also make them happy. There's lots of ways we try and do this. The first is by ensuring that we always provide the most up to date information on nutritional content both on our website and on all of our products. But we've also developed many more proactive methods - such as giving people the tools to check their diets and help maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

We believe that through just a few small changes like this, we can make a big difference to the health of our consumers, our people and our businesses. In fact, it's a bit like your career with us: we'll put all the information and resources at your fingertips so that you can make the decisions you want for a healthy future.

Did you know?

In just three years we have reduced the use of salt in our products by 13.6%, fat by 15.6% and sugar by 12.3%.


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