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Matt - Finance & Business Operations Manager - Nestlé UK

Each business you work within Nestlé does have its own culture however as an overall business you can move between areas and they have a common feel to it. It certainly has always felt like an easy going, pleasant place to work. Read more

Businesses and Brands

A career with Nestlé means the chance to explore new worlds. You could join our experts in Nestlé Professional. You could get things off to a bright start with Cereal Partners UK, immerse yourself in Nestlé Waters, sample great tasting food and drink at Nestlé UK & Ireland, find all the answers in our Product Technology Centre, express your customer service skills at Nespresso UK, look inside our products with Nestlé Nutrition, or celebrate your love for our furry friends at Purina PetCare (UK & Ireland).

Along the way, you'll work with many of the UK and Ireland's most cherished brands. For Cereal Partners UK, this will include Shredded Wheat, Shreddies and Cheerios. For Nestlé UK, the list is enormous, including everything from Nescafé to Kit Kat and Yorkie. At Nestlé Waters, you'll have the chance to work with local heroes like Buxton and continental favourites such as Perrier and San Pellegrino. Then there's our Product Technology Centre, where you'll influence the future of all our confectionery brands. Finally, at Purina PetCare (UK & Ireland), you'll work with leading pet food names such as Winalot, Go-Cat and Felix.

Did you know?

You'll find Nestlé products in 95% of households in the UK.


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