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When you join Nestlé, you get a Nestlé career through and through. But you also get a chance to work with some of the most famous brand names in the world. Here are just a few of them.

  • Acqua PannaIt’s the delicate flavour that makes Acqua Panna the preferred choice of top restaurants around the world.
  • BuxtonSourced from 1,500 metres beneath the Peak District, Buxton Water is a drop of pure Britain.
  • BakersThe UK’s No. 1 complete dry dog food, BAKERS is packed full of moist, meaty chunks and wholesome crunchy kibbles.
  • CarnationSweet and deliciously creamy, Carnation Condensed Milk is perfect for desserts
  • CheeriosGet your day off to a healthy start with Cheerio’s delicious mix of wholesome corn, oats, rice and wheat.
  • FelixEveryone loves FELIX, the irresistibly tasty range of premium cat food for mischievous little rascals.
  • Go CatLaunched over 30 years ago, Go-Cat is still the UK’s No.1 complete dry cat food thanks to tailored formulas that help keep cats full of vitality.
  • GourmetThe ultimate cat food for the feline connoisseur.
  • MilkybarThe Milky Bar Kid has been helping to promote this classic since 1961.
  • Kit KatNo snack break is complete without a KIT KAT – and it’s been that way since 1935.
  • NescafeThe first and still the best, Nescafé instant coffee has been refreshing people since 1938. Today, we British drink a massive 15,000 cups of it every minute!
  • Oats And MoreThere’s no healthier way to start the day than these crispy toasted oat and wheat flakes.
  • PellegrinoAn Italian favourite since the age of Michelangelo, S.Pellegrino is the sparkling mineral water preferred by top restaurants around the world.
  • PerrierNaturally carbonated and voted one of Britain’s top 50 brands of all time, Perrier is the champagne of drinking waters.
  • Pro PlanOur leading specialist exclusive, advanced nutrition product range for cats and dogs.
  • Pure LifeSetting the diamond standard for purified water, Nestlé Pure Life is the 2nd most sold bottled water in the world.
  • Purina OneA super-premium complete dry cat food designed to visibly enhance cats’ health for today and years to come.
  • Quality StreetEveryone’s got their favourite with these classic British chocolates.
  • ShreddiesFour layers of wholegrain in each and every Shreddie create the nutritious taste that everyone loves.
  • Shredded WheatOur oldest and most popular cereal still contains only ingredient: wholegrain wheat.
  • SmartiesStill one of the UK’s best-loved sweets, despite having being around since 1937.
  • VittelOne of the greatest natural mineral waters in the world sourced from the Vosges region of France.
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