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Within Nestlé businesses in the UK and Ireland, we don't talk about Benefits - we talk about Reward. And when we talk about Reward, we mean all the things you'll get in return for your contribution to our success. This could include unbeatable career development opportunities or the facilities at the site where you work.

But one thing's for sure. Wherever you work in Nestlé, you'll enjoy a selection of core benefits, including a competitive salary, contributory pension scheme and a range of flexible benefits to choose from.

Furthermore, you'll find that your Reward is linked to your performance and the performance of the business. For most employees this includes a base salary which is linked to performance and, if you're eligible for an annual bonus, this too will be performance-linked.

Flexibility is also an important part of our benefits package. That's why, wherever possible, we will provide you with the flexibility to select the options which suit your circumstances, such as childcare vouchers.

Ultimately, the best way to maximise the Reward you receive is to maximise your contribution to the success of our business. For all aspects of Reward we apply the fundamental principles outlined below.

Reward Principles

  • Performance Driven - The level of your Reward is linked to your performance, hence the highest performers will see the greatest Reward. There is also a direct link between the performance of the business and the Reward we're able to offer
  • Competitive - We benchmark all aspects of Reward to ensure we offer all our employees a competitive Reward package
  • Inclusive - Our Reward programme is designed to reflect the valuable contribution which every employee makes, not just senior managers
  • Flexible - We've made it our top priority to allow you to tailor the Reward you receive to your circumstances, whenever possible or practical


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