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Whatever it is that inspires you to work with us, one thing's for sure: applying for your dream job at Nestlé will be simple as well as satisfying.

The reason for this is that we've unified our application process across all the main areas of our business. So, whether you want a career in one of our main Job Areas or a chance to join one of our exciting Business Areas, you'll find that everything you need is here, in one conveniently accessible place.

All you need to do is use the search tool to find the job you're looking for and then register your interest. Depending on the job, we might then ask you to attach your CV and/or fill in a short questionnaire which will give us some deeper insights into what makes you tick.

After that, we'll contact you to let you know if we'd like you to attend an interview. If you're applying for a specific position, this may well be at the relevant office or factory location, or we can in some cases conduct these interviews over the phone.

If you're successful at this stage, we might offer you the job without any more preliminaries. But, if it's a specialist role or you're applying for a place on one of our apprenticeship or graduate schemes, we might invite you to a selection event that may include a competency-based interview, ability testing and a short presentation exercise or role play.

The virtue of all this detail is that it won't just allow us to get to know you better, it will also allow you to get to know us better and to sample for yourself the respect, collaboration and passion which defines every part of the Nestlé business.

And that's not all. To help you throughout the application process, we've also provided advice and guidance for preparing for an interview, selection events and how to do well in tests because we want to help you do your best on the day.

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